Privacy and terms of use

Use of the website

1. Protection of privacy

Oogcentrum Medipolis appreciates your interest in its activities and your visit to its website. We think it is important that you do not feel insecure when visiting our website and want to ensure that it is clear what happens to the personal data you make available to us.

Your personal information, including your e-mail address, will be used as follows:

– information you give us, for the purpose of obtaining information from us, we will store in order to carry out your information request.

– information you give us as part of a job application, we will store and treat with the utmost care.

– information you give us for the purpose of obtaining information from us.

– we will also use the stored information to further optimise our website through visitor analysis.

– we will use the stored information to further optimise our website via visitor analysis.

– we will use your data to keep you informed about Oogcentrum Medipolis and its products/services in the future. If you wish that your data are not (or no longer) used for this purpose, you can inform us.

– we will not make your personal information available to or sell it to third parties who are not part or direct partners of Oogcentrum Medipolis.

Our website contains links to non-Oogcentrum Medipolis websites. Oogcentrum Medipolis is not responsible for the way personal data are handled in these websites.

All personal data provided are recorded in a file. Holder: Oogcentrum Medipolis, Boomsesteenweg 223,2610 Wilirijk. These data are intended for the promotion of products and services of the Medipolis Group. You have a right of inspection as provided for in the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy. Additional information: Public Register (Commission for the Protection of Privacy). You can have your data corrected or removed from the file upon simple request and after identification. To do so, please contact:

2. Conditions of use

Visiting, browsing and viewing this website is subject to our terms of use and all applicable laws. By accessing, browsing and viewing this website, you accept the terms of use, as set out below, without limitation or exclusion.

3. Copyright

The content of this website is protected by copyright. The copyrights belong to Oogcentrum Medipolis, its customers and its partners. All rights are reserved. Information from the website (including but not limited to text, presentations, illustrations, photographs and sound) may not, unless otherwise indicated, be copied, transferred, distributed or stored without prior written permission from oogcentrum Medipolis. Modifications to the content of the site are prohibited. Parts of the site contain illustrations expressly copyrighted by the clients.

4. Liability

No rights or claims may be derived in any way from the information displayed on this website. Links to other websites are offered as a service and it does not mean that oogcentrum Medipolis is responsible for the content of these websites. Moreover, it is your own responsibility to check whether these websites are free of viruses and other things of a harmful nature. Information on our website is subject to change by us without prior notice or obligation


5. Comments, questions and suggestions

Oogcentrum Medipolis does not wish to receive any confidential or reserved information via this website. All information provided by you to us (suggestions, ideas and other) will be considered non-confidential and public (except as described in point 1. regarding the protection of privacy). By sending Oogcentrum Medipolis material, you grant Oogcentrum Medipolis the unrestricted and irrevocable right to use, display, modify, process and distribute this information and to legally register this information. Also, oogcentrum Medipolis may freely apply the ideas and techniques you send us. Oogcentrum Medipolis has compiled this website with the utmost care. Medipolis welcomes suggestions or comments. If you object to certain texts or images, please let us know.

6. Jurisdiction

The Medipolis Eye Centre is free to modify the conditions of use at any time by republishing them on this website. The conditions of use comply with Belgian case law and disputes will be settled in accordance with the same case law. In the event that any part of these terms of use shall be declared invalid or unenforceable by a court with applicable jurisdiction, the relevant part of the terms of use shall be considered null and void, while the remaining provisions of these terms of use shall remain in full force and effect.